Card Tech Agenda 2009-10-08

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This conference call is important so we can address the needed EP activity in 2010/2011, and be ready for the IHE Planning and Technical Meetings on October 26 and October 27 in Washington, DC.

Passcode for all numbers: 7194076 #
US and Canada: 1-888-288-9321
Toll use for any connection problems: 1-719-234-0201
Germany: +0 800 183 3780
If you are calling outside of North America, please reply back to me with your town and county for an international toll-free number.

To industry members: If you have attachments to share on this call, please forward your materials (e.g. profiles or works-in-progress). All material received will be sent to all before the call. This call will also include several of our Heart Rhythm Society member clinicians.

Draft Agenda

(if anyone wants to include anything else, please forward so we can add)


Quick overview and decision on call leaders (please come prepared to lead your area or interest)

Discussion and Review of the EP focus in IHE

What can be done, what are our needs?

IDCO Profile:

The Implanted Cardiac Device Observation Profile defines a standards-based method for the translation and transfer of summary device interrogation information from the interrogation system to the information management system. This is now under the PCD.

  • Expand this profile to the cardiac cath lab workflow and NCDR operations?

EP Lab

  • Is this profile similar to the Cath Lab workflow model. What are the additional objects and reporting specifications that should be added for the EP model?

Urgent Implantable Rhythm Control Device Identification

  • Identifies device manufacturer – no data on device
  • Could be good white paper for this year?
  • ITI and PDQ are further developed which is helpful for this profile?

Implantable Cardiac Device Interrogation

  • Retrieves device data
  • PCD took over this profile? What do we need to do from here?
  • No need for Cardiology Domain development – Is this Correct?

Which profiles or work do we wish to present at the Planning and Technical meetings?

Assignments and Next Steps



Please pass this call announcement to anyone who may not have received. Please join us today, on Thursday, October 8 at 5:00pm EDT

Kind regards, Donna

Donna M. Goldberg, MPH Scientific and Clinical Documents Heart Rhythm Society 1400 K Street, NW, Suite #500 Washington, DC 20854 (202) 464-3467