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Clinical Decision Support: The Five Rights*

  1. The right information
  2. To the right person <role>
  3. At the right point in workflow
  4. Through the right channel (EHR, PHR, etc.)
  5. In the right CDS intervention format <alert, order set, reference info, etc.>).

Clinical Decision Support: Intervention Types*

  1. Documentation Forms and Templates
    1. assessment forms, flowsheets, etc.
  2. Relevant Data Presentation
    1. Relevant data for ordering (e.g., related lab test)
    2. Retrospective or aggregate reporting / filtering – all patients overdue for testing, Rx
  3. Order Creation Facilitators
    1. Information to make orders complete – all spectrum / options
  4. Time-based Checking Protocol / Pathway Report
    1. Track progress / state of protocol
  5. Reference Information and Guidance
    1. Context Sensitive (Infobutton, knowledge links) and Context Insensitive
  6. Reactive Alerts and Reminders
  • J. Osheroff – Personal Communication: Improving medication management with clinical decision support; HIMSS 2008; in press

Also see: [1]