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IHE is professionals and industry improving the way computer systems in healthcare share information.

Systems that support IHE Integration Profiles communicate better, are easier to implement, and help care providers use information more effectively. The goal is efficient delivery of optimal patient care.

Well over 200 products have been released with support for one or more IHE Profiles.

Integration Profiles describe a clinical information need or workflow scenario and document how to use established standards (e.g. HL7, DICOM, ...) to accomplish it. A group of systems that implement the same Integration Profile address the need/scenario in a mutually compatible way.

  • Integration Profiles are implementation guides for equipment vendors
  • Integration Profiles are an effective shorthand for healthcare providers to specify integration requirements when purchasing systems.

Integration Statements are simple documents prepared and published by a vendor to list the IHE Profiles supported by a specific release of a specific product.

Technical Frameworks are the detailed documents which specify the Integration Profiles and the associated actors (systems) and transactions.

Connectathons are annual events where equipment vendors bring products with IHE Profiles and test them with other vendors.