Antepartum Education Profile

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Antepartum Education

Content Modules

Content modules describe the content of a payload found in an IHE transaction. Content profiles are transaction neutral. They do not have dependencies upon the transaction that they appear in.

The Antepartum Record Profile currently consists of four document content modules: Antepartum History and Physical, Antepartum Summary, Antepartum Laboratory, and the Antepartum Education content module.

There potentially may be more content modules added in future work. One or more of these document content modules are required for the implementation of APR.

Antepartum Record Process Flow


This process flow diagram shows the movement of the antepartum record over the course of care for a pregnancy involving an ambulatory facility (obstetric provider), consultant and hospital (birthing facility). This diagram specifically excludes other infrastructure interactions for simplicity and readability. These infrastructure interactions may be found elsewhere in the framework.

Data from the patient's prenatal care aggregates into her electronic antepartum record by the obstetric provider. The antepartum record is then sent to a consultant who updates the antepartum record, and returns it to the obstetric provider. The electronic antepartum record is then sent to the birthing facility at the appropriate time(s). The consultant may also send the antepartum record directly to the hospital.