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The ADX (Aggregate Data Exchange) profile affords data exchange partners a way to define a Data Structure Definition and the associated normative schema of the data message for a particular indicator report. To foster further adoption, the Aggregate Data Exchange-HIV (ADX-HIV) profile leverages the ADX profile version 2.1, which is currently published for trial implementation, to develop a content specification specifically for HIV.

ADX-HIV is a Content Profile that defines a common Data Structure Definition (DSD) with structural metadata (codelists with data elements and associated disaggregation) to represent data elements HIV core indicators that could be readily used in existing systems for reporting. It aims to set down a concrete example of how to leverage ADX profile for interoperability in health information systems used for managing and reporting on HIV towards achieving epidemic control and the 90-90-90 global goals. These goals, to be accomplished by 2020, are: for 90% of people with HIV to be diagnosed and know their status; for 90% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) to be on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART); and for 90% of people on ART to be virally suppressed.


ADX-HIV will help govern and enforce interoperability between HIV point of care (source) systems and HMIS (receiver) systems. This will reduce the burden within jurisdictions for developing HIV core indicators schema. It will also foster harmonization of HIV core indicators across jurisdictions and increase the ability to compare results between health facilities, subnational levels and even countries.


This ADX-HIV profile defines a common DSD for HIV core indicators with data elements and associated disaggregations along with instructions regarding how to leverage these to generate and exchange conformant XML messages. Interoperable message exchange will be valuable to jurisdictions such as Ministries of Health, and WHO, and to health initiatives such as the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the Global Fund, UNAIDS, and others (see figure below).

ADX-HIV image.png

A jurisdiction can extend the ADX-HIV DSD and validation schemas to meet additional HIV reporting requirements specific to their context.

Systems Affected

  • National Health Management Information Systems would make use of ADX to receive HIV routine reports from health facilities and other national systems.
  • EMR systems at health facilities might use ADX to create HIV monthly reports.
  • International organizations might use ADX to harmonize HIV reporting between regions and countries.


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