AP Domain Minutes 7February2012

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  • Mary KENNEDY (College of American Pathologists, IHE Lab Domain Secretary) mkenned@cap.org
  • Christel DANIEL (Co-chair); christel.daniel@crc.jussieu.fr
  • John MADDEN (Duke, College of American Pathologists); johnmadden@duke.edu


  1. Schedule for meetings
    1. Will meet via webinar/conference call every other Tuesday starting 28th of February at 9:00 am Central/4 pm Paris
    2. Face to face meeting on June 8th in Venice
    3. Technical and planning committees will meet together
  2. Co-chair election
    1. We will begin accepting nominations for co-chair
    2. Nominations will be accepted for 3 weeks and then there will be a 15 day ballot period (via email)

Next Meeting

2012-02-14 0900 Central U.S.