AP Domain Minutes 3July2012

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  1. Collaboration with IPaLM
    1. Work with IPaLM to define methology/mapping process/help with PathLex
      1. Starting with breast cancer structured report and CAP cancer checklist
      2. If only using CAP checklists, may miss some national items-gaps in translation
        1. Thomas Schrader will send terms from German checklist
        2. Need to address national needs from the beginning
        3. Tool needed to manage PathLex in different translations
        4. Start with English and match it in other languages
        5. Add national terms after
        6. May even need to have an English for different areas such as Australia
      3. Agreement on vocabulary
        1. Important so that it always means the same thing, regardless of who/where
        2. New proposal may be an online database with terms that are part of cancer checklist
          1. Evaluate terms that aren’t the same
          2. Possibly published as international data set
      4. Update on countries
        1. Spain
          1. already implementing cancer checklist
        2. Germany
          1. working on implementing the checklist
          2. Want to encourage large groups to adopt
        3. Australia
          1. 15 checklists already but it isn’t mandatory to implement
          2. Lab systems aren’t good enough to make implementation mandatory
          3. Working with CAP to create checklists in XML so labs can implement
        4. New Zealand
          1. Only one cancer registry for country
          2. Have to implement within 12 months
        5. France
          1. far away from lab vendors adopting structured reports
          2. Meeting with pathologists and then will encourage adoption
  2. Location of Next F2F Meeting
    1. Tabled until next meeting