AP Domain Minutes 31July2012

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  1. F2F Meetings in September
    1. European Congress of Pathology
      1. Possibly a F2F Meeting during the European Congress of Pathology-Saturday Sept 8 and Sunday Sept 9
      2. Christel will try to get president of French Society of Pathology to contact David Ellis on this initiative
      3. ICCR invited to address the advisory committee and chairs of all the working groups on Sept 10-introduce combined effort on cancer reporting to see if there is any interest of European countries to be involved
        1. Lay out the benefits and aims of the project
        2. Present on behalf of Britain, Canada, and U.S.
      4. Int’l cancer reporting (ICCR) and IHE work goes very well together-both trying to produce standards so will try to have a joint meeting
      5. Informal F2F can be arranged for the few people that will be in Prague during that weekend-possibly with teleconference/web meeting
      6. Other people attending the congress could be invited to participate
      7. Marcial and Thomas will put together an agenda and suggest a time for this meeting-ICCR will be consulted on the agenda
      8. Dialogue between IHE and ICCR is very important since there is a lot of overlap
    2. HL7 WG Meeting
      1. HL7 WG meeting is the same weekend (Sept 9-14) so won’t be able to get entire group together
      2. Others who cannot join can perhaps join/give update via web meeting at HL7 WG Meeting in Baltimore, MD
  2. F2F in 2013
    1. Meeting in Chicago during February?
    2. In conjunction with IHE Lab, who is meeting Monday after the Connectathon
    3. See voting from members on the wiki
  3. Review of Proposals
    1. Brief proposal submission->author needs to send the detailed proposal by the end of September
    2. Mary & Kelly will send an email to the author of the proposals
    3. Group will select a profile through dedicated conference call in December (1st call in December)-send reminders to the mailing list to read all the proposals
  4. Structured Order
    1. This should be a change proposal to APW or part of structured order
    2. Harry will submit an email so that this will be part of reviewing of proposals
  5. Radiologist Structured Report
    1. Discussion of harmonization with RSNA is premature
    2. Their templates are not CDA templates yet-internal harmonization first

Action Items

  • David will contact organizer of Congress to see if any rooms are available
  • David will contact Marcial and Thomas to organize the meeting and then decide who else to invite to the meeting.
  • Christel will see if French Society of Pathology could sponsor the meeting – will talk to the President to discuss them joining the meeting as well
  • Mary & Kelly will send an email reminder to the author of the brief proposals so they will send a long proposal to be reviewed