AP Domain Minutes 28February2012

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  1. Face to Face Meetings
    1. June 5-6 in Venice
      1. Christel working on getting the confirmation for the room
      2. Meeting in conjunction with Telehealth Conference
      3. DICOM 26 WG may also meet with IHE AP
    2. May 15-16 in Vancouver
      1. IHE AP will not meet separately but with HL7 AP group
  2. Follow-up of the 7 additional templates for APSR
    1. IHE AP will add 7 templates this year
    2. Based on requirements from the Frenc Cancer Institute (INCa) mapped to the corresponding Cancer protocols of the College of American Pathologists
    3. This will be specified as new value sets for specimen collection, and AP observations corresponding to these 7 additional tumor locations.
  3. Harmonizing Molecular Biology and AP Structured Report
    1. Christel & Jeffrey already working with HL7 Clinical Genomics WG cochairs on this
    2. They will bring this forward to HL7
    3. Represent the same concepts in CDA
  4. Update on IHE & CAP MOU regarding eCC
    1. Once a profile goes commercial, it reverts back to the original owner
  5. Nominations for IHE AP Co-chairs
    1. We will begin accepting nominations for 2 co-chairs for Technical Committee and 2 co-chairs for Planning Committee
    2. Nominations will be accepted until March 6
      1. Please email Mary Kennedy (AP Secretary) at mkenned@cap.org with nominations or self-nominations
    3. After nomination period is closed, ballots will be sent out for voting
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. HL7 AP group meets on opposite week of IHE AP on Wednesday at 9 am Chicago time-please join if interested

Next call

2012-03-13 0900 Central U.S.