AP Domain Minutes 28August2012

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  1. European Congress of Pathology
    1. Anyone available will meet before the European Congress
      1. Christel invited French pathologists to join this meeting as well as pathologists from Germany and Spain
  2. HL7 WG Meeting
    1. Jeffrey Karp is putting together vocab for this meeting
    2. Jeffrey will post agenda + call in if available so others can join
    3. APSR
      1. The goal was to add 10 new templates
      2. Now, will wait for the international government to release their template before redefining scope
      3. Stay at current level and work with ICCR on the international level before creating more templates
        1. International consensus on the medical model before spending more time on the various templates
        2. Countries will then work on their extensions according to their specifications
      4. Extend the progress of APSR so can get a medical content out of this conference and involve CAP pathologists (ICCR liaison) in this process
      5. Christel will send a more complete example to Jeffrey
      6. Language will not be a problem with the templates—translation can be a problem for the cancer checklist but need to agree on the templates first which will make the translation easier
        1. French and German version of the cancer checklist is expected to come out next year
  3. Chicago F2F
    1. List of molecular biology tests – harmonize this with IHE Lab & Genomic Domain at the F2F meeting and discuss
    2. CAP has begun looking into hotel for the F2F—try to have the meeting at the same hotel as the Connectathon
  4. Proposals
    1. Reminder sent out to all those who submitted brief proposal—need to submit detailed proposal by the end of Sept
  5. Next call
    1. The next domain conference call will be on September 25

Action Items

  • Christel will work on position paper on IHE, ICCR and HL7—try to have draft by next conference call