AP Domain Minutes 27March2012

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  1. IHE AP Conference Calls
    1. All calls will be recorded and posted on the wiki or ftp site going forwarded so that those who are unable to participate may listen to them
    2. May start having calls at alternate times so others can participate
  2. HL7 Genomic Activities—Genomic Testing Report
    1. Amnon Shabo presents an update on HL7 Genomic Activities (link to presentation below)
  3. F2F Meeting
    1. May 31st-June 1st Paris Meeting
      1. Will meet on May 31st for a half day meeting with IHE Lab
      2. IHE AP will meet separately for the rest of May 31st-June 1st
    2. Venice Meeting
      1. May not happen
  4. Co-chair Elections
    1. Ballot for co-chairs are posted on the Google group!

Next Call

2012-04-10 0900 Central U.S.

File:Genetic Testing Report.pdf