AP Domain Minutes 19June2012

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  1. Face-to-Face Meeting Feedback
    1. Joint meeting with IHE Lab
      1. Image Management-provide detailed proposal in December 2012
      2. Thomas Schrader will have a detailed proposal on inter-departmental workflow
      3. Amnon Shabo would like to launch new domain in clinical genomics connected to IHE AP & Lab
      4. APW profile moving forward
    2. AP meeting
      1. Defined scope of domain
      2. Updated lists of brief proposal
      3. Updated Board Report-has been sent to Chris Carr
      4. Mike Henderson put forward a new proposal on telepathology
        1. Work with DICOM 26 and HL7 AP too
      5. APSR Profile
        1. Discussion on how the AP report and cancer checklist can be implemented
        2. First list of terms has been released-specimen
        3. Develop and manage PathLex in 4 languages-French, English, Spanish & German
        4. Next objective is to share the templates but issues of intellectual property are a concern
        5. APSR is broader than the cancer checklist but would like to stay true to it
  2. Update on HL7 AP Group
    1. Unique specimen ID balloting in fall
      1. Working through use cases currently
      2. Needs to be completed in July to be balloted
    2. DICOM WG 26 also working on this