AP Domain Minutes 17July2012

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  1. IHE AP Minutes from F2F Meeting
    1. the minutes and presentations will be posted on the wiki site
    2. Feedback from the meeting:
      1. Image Management Proposal (Harry Soloman)
        1. detailed proposal has been posted to the IHE Lab
        2. revision of white paper will also be posted to the IHE AP wiki/Google group
      2. APSO
        1. interests in France and Spain to work on this
        2. short proposal submitted by Wendy S.
        3. Mary K will follow up with Wendy to see if wants to continue
      3. Standardizing Content for Clinical Orders for AP & Lab
        1. AP & Lab will pursue this project
        2. will this include surgical information in order? standardize information about specimen collection process
        3. HL7 Imaging Integration WG-interest in ensuring orders include appropriate references to prior imaging studies (radiation, collection, etc)
        4. any new order should include links to specimen collection procedure, link especially to prior diagnostic studies
        5. Harry will post this documentation
        6. Email will be sent out to remind WG that this proposal needs to be submitted for next cycle
      4. SNOMED CT
        1. Marcial’s presentation is posted on the wiki
        2. IPaLM group was sent the concepts – Marcial will present at the IHTSDO on Oct 25-26 at the showcase in Stockholm-no comments back from them yet but Mary will send reminder
        3. Christel will ask Marcial to send the document to the Google Group
      5. Jeremy Rodgers
        1. Email question proposed by Jeremy Rodgers-included on the wiki
      6. International Cancer Checklists
        1. project that CAP/UK is working on
        2. interested in how far we can take SNOMED
    3. CDA Template for Structured Reports
      1. RSNA Radiology Reporting Initiative-putting together templates for each of the subspecialties (100’s of them, not organized according to CDA)
      2. DICOM WG8 is trying to establish building blocks and try to have standard transcodings so there is appropriate CDA structures; facilitate CDA authoring tool
      3. in French project, templates are not harmonized; different for each group
      4. try to find some common logic so the templates for different groups can be similar!
    4. online Database
      1. Provide list of elements and PathLex; templates
      2. Get this established before the end of 2012
      3. Opportunity to send translations of codes; provide own value sets
      4. Could analyze the differences, create harmonization across countries
      5. PathLex and SNOMED are quite different; Marcial tried to map PathLex to SNOMED CT in his presentation
      6. new process to create better mapping
      7. last focus on molecular biology
      8. in September can put forward the complete work plan for this
  2. F2F Meetings-
    1. Mary will follow up and post to the wiki/Google group and see what people’s opinions are
    2. Discuss during next conf call
    3. Sept meeting during Congress of Pathology (in Prague)?
    4. Christel will send more information to Mary who will look into possibly making this happen