AP Domain Minutes 16October2012

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IHE Anatomic Pathology Domain Conference Call

2012-10-16 7:00 AM Central U.S.

Attending: Colin Murphy colin.murphy@mtutive.com; Mary Kennedy mkenned@cap.org; Mike Henderson mike@easterninformatics.com; Hugh Glover hugh_glover@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk; Harry Solomon harry.solomon@ge.com; Alessandro Sulis asulis@crs4.it; Raj Dash r.dash@duke.edu


  1. Agenda Review
  2. Discussion on “Integrated Lab Workflow” proposal by Harry
    1. Overlap between this profile and other proposal so need to consolidate to single proposal
    2. Same basic workflow as laboratory workflow
    3. Combination of APW + lab device automation + lab analytic workflow profiles so that can manage devices and systems using HL7 or DICOM workflow; also use a common approach
    4. LAW Profile doesn’t support bulk data results (such as images or genetic analyses); only supports results going back to LIS in OUL message
    5. Instead of sending back results, send back reference pointer and the results kept elsewhere
    6. Group discussed other open issues (listed on wiki page)
      1. Additional flag should be added in OUL to note reference pointer; whether it is stored in a readily accessible format or not
      2. Not intended to deal with reporting
      3. The LIS is not intended to store items long term such as genetic information (not big enough for all this info)
    7. Next steps: AP Domain needs to decide which proposal will move forward
  3. IPaLM
    1. IHE AP will send their breast cancer structured report to IPaLM including the PathLex codes; discuss using the codes in this document
      1. IHE AP send the structured report template + any specific questions to Raj Dash and IPaLM will fill in any missing pieces at the F2F meeting; idea is that IPaLM will provide some rules for completing the template
      2. Coding the specimen type and histologic types is the top priority
      3. IHE AP will attend the F2F meeting as they are able-Mary will post call in information on the wiki
    2. IPaLM will create a standard process of communication with IHE AP
    3. LOINC and SNOMED CT are going to start being mapped to the other; ICD11 codes are available for anyone to use but they are still in development