AP Domain Minutes 15May2012

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  • Mary KENNEDY (College of American Pathologists, IHE Lab Domain Secretary) mkenned@cap.org
  • Christel DANIEL (ADICAP, Co-chair); christel.daniel@crc.jussieu.fr
  • Marcial Garcia Rojo (SESCAM, Co-chair) marcial@cim.es
  • John Madden (College of American Pathologists, Co-chair) john.madden@me.com
  • Sandy Jones (CDC) sft1@cdc.gov
  • Mike Henderson (Eastern Informatics) mike@easterninformatics.com
  • John Murphy (mTuitive) john.murphy@mtuitive.com
  • Francois Macary (ASIP Sante’) francois.macary@gmail.com


  1. Face-to-Face Agenda
    1. Friday agenda APSR Supplement
    2. Saturday agenda new proposals & SNOMED CT subset for pathology (Marcial)
      1. SNOMED CT specimen catalogue in Spain www.seap.es
    3. Chair for iPaLM group of IHTSDO may join for part of meeting since they are working on a similar project
    4. Different conference call times so that Australia/Asia may participate in calls
    5. MDHT Tool demonstration by Amnon or other IBM rep
    6. Agenda will be put on the wiki
  2. IHE/HL7 presentation on APSR
    1. APSR supplement last published in 2011, wanting to publish a more updated version
    2. 10 more structured templates based on the cancer checklists
    3. 20 organ specific templates
    4. Work on publishing this supplement at Face-to-Face meeting