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Mary Kennedy mkenned@cap.org; Hugh Glover hugh_glover@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk ; Raj Dash r.dash@duke.edu ; Francois Macary francois.macary@gmail.com ; Harry Solomon harry.solomon@ge.com ; Alessandro Sulis asulis@crs4.it ; Dave Toomey david.toomey@leica-microsystems.com ; John Murphy john.murphy@mtuitive.com


  1. Agenda Review
  2. IHE AP Report
    1. The report will be sent to Chris to put on domain once it is completed.
    2. Vendors have not implemented yet in France….. very few vendors in the French market for anatomic pathology
    3. There are some in Spain.
    4. French vendors will have to implement. APFR will be required.
    5. There is a national project of care coordination around cancer cases which is driven by ___ organization and the National Cancer institute in France.
    6. Presently working on the Tumor Board Report.
    7. Implementation should begin in 2013.
    8. …………..is working to update the implementation guide with 10 additional ……………so that the guide follows the medical specification of National ……………Institute.
  3. Status of IHE–IPALM Joint Initiative (Encoding Breast Cancer APSR)
    1. The feedback from the face-to-face meeting in Stockholm is scheduled to occur this Friday, November 16, 2012 at 8:00AM in the teleconference for ICD11.
    2. Comments on staging will be discussed.
    3. Raj will be able to provide feedback after this Friday.
    4. Email questions and concerns to Raj and he will share will submit for group discussion on Friday.
    5. A concern about the rational of not taking all the details of the T&M was voiced. Is it mainly for intellectual property issues or for simplification?
    6. There is opportunity in a single code to capture some epidemiologic data. It would be very difficult to capture all the T&M details in a single code with the code space that is available to ICD11. It is possible with the second code to provide more granular information.
    7. Mary will post to IHE AP site all the documents sent by Raj summarizing where ICD11 is going.
    8. A question was posed about whether there is a terms of reference document for ICD11. What is considered within the scope of what they are trying to do in ICD11?
    9. Raj will get the document and share. He will also find out if IHE can have access to draft of ICD11 to provide comments.
    10. IPALM next step: submit questions to INI Chair.
    11. Mary will put together questions for INI and post IPALM presentation on IHE.
  4. ''''Status of ICCR
    1. Will work on nephrology/urology/pathology
    2. Have contact with Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and New Zealand
    3. Have connection with….UICC
    4. It is not clear how IHE can be involved.
    5. There is no discussion regarding any kind of technology implementation of this at this point – IHE may bring to group.
    6. Mary will find out more information - regarding discrepancy between……she will also invite John Quigley or K. Washington from the CAP Cancer Committee to join in on the next call.
    7. International templates: IHE should push the adoption of International models.

File:Communique 1 final.pdf

File:Communique 2 final.pdf

File:D1Summary of CR survey.pdf

File:D3Information Note 7 Numbering of Linearizations v.1.7.v1.docx

File:D4ICD11-Status on 30 04 2012.docx

File:D5ICD Neoplasms TAG F2F Minutes Lyon 201202FINAL(20120404).pdf



File:IPALM SIG Presentation October 2012 Stockholm.pdf