AP Domain Minutes 13March2012

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  1. Nominations for IHE AP Co-chairs
    1. Still accepting nominations and self-nominations until end of business day on Friday, March 16th
    2. Ballots will be posted soon
    3. New chairs will take over at the June face-to-face in Venice
  2. Face to Face Meetings
    1. June 5-6 in Venice
      1. Christel working on getting the confirmation for the room
      2. Meeting in conjunction with Telehealth Conference
      3. DICOM 26 WG may also meet with IHE AP for 1 day
    2. May 15-16 in Vancouver
      1. IHE AP will not meet separately but with HL7 AP group on Tuesday
  3. Follow-up of the 7 additional templates for APSR
    1. Consolidate all the templates internationally
    2. Covers all the area of anatomic pathology
    3. Structure for all the different organs is defined in the generic template-they follow the same structure
    4. The scope will be extended to new areas, following the CAP cancer checklist
    5. Value sets will address local issues
  4. Harmonizing Molecular Biology and AP Structure Report
    1. Amnon will demonstrate tool for creating templates on next conference call
      1. Sample templates will be posted on the wiki
    2. Common set of templates for microbiology
    3. Agree on format and how to share them
  5. Vocabulary
    1. Work on Pathlix at Vancouver meeting
    2. Based on vocabulary of CAP cancer checklist
  6. HL7/IHE Joint Conference Calls
    1. Mary will work with HL7 to coordinate joint conference call(s)

Next Call

2012-03-27 0900 Central U.S.