AP Domain Minutes 10April2012

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  1. HL7 Meeting in Vancouver
    1. Francois and Christel will attend by phone
    2. Co-chairs will ask for expansion in scope so can publish new APSR templates
    3. HL7 will coordinate with IHE so European participants will be able to attend
  2. HL7 Genomic Activities—Genomic Testing Report
    1. Amnon Shabo will continue his demonstration at the next conference call
  3. F2F Meeting May 31st-June 1st in Paris
    1. Will meet on May 31st for a half day meeting with IHE Lab
    2. IHE AP will meet separately for 2 more days
    3. Further information on the meeting is posted on the wiki and Google Groups
  4. Co-chair Elections
    1. Ballots for co-chairs have been posted on the Google Group site. Please vote!
    2. New co-chairs will be announced April 18th

Next Call

  • 2012-04-24 0900 Central U.S.