AP Domain DRAFT Minutes 12November2013

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IHE AP DRAFT Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2013

Attendees: Christel, Francois, Colin Murphy, Mary Kennedy, Harry Solomon, Raj Dash, Jeffery Karp

IHTSDO IPaLM meeting review

  • Need to determine if IHTSDO and IHE have any kind of agreement in place so that a set of limited SNOMED codes can be used in an IHE profile (Mary will contact Chris Carr)
  • Francois said there is some type of agreement between the IHTSDO and IHE because of the Patient Care Coordination profile
  • IHTSDO will want data on usage of codes: IHE may want to propose terms of usage within an IHE Profile - metrics are needed.
  • IHE to request IHTSDO to allow vendors basic fundamental communication of information and recognition of specific concepts but beyond that require licensing.
  • IHTSDO/LOINC signed an agreement-new lab concepts to be added into SNOMED must go through LOINC first and LOINC will be mapped to SNOMED

IHE AP F2F Minutes Review

  • Raj/Christel will provide anonymous examples of pathology reports (will either send to Mary or post to Google groups)
  • Contact Epic Development: Raj to discuss Change Proposal
  • Minutes were approved

APSR Change Proposal (CP)

  • France has created a set of site specific value sets; Germans want to go to a more generic form
  • France has already implemented the site specific value sets so need to keep these.
  • Consensus is that other countries can use the generic profile but organ specific templates will be also be kept
  • Christel thinks that CAP has requested some LOINC codes already for histologies, staging concepts? (Mary will check with Sam)
  • Francois and Christel will review the German CP and incorporate changes into the APSR

Next Meeting: December 10, 2013