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Change Proposal APR-PCC-CP-0036

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Tracking Information

Patient Care Coordination
Change Proposal Number
Last Updated
19:10, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

Change Proposal Summary

Pregnancy summary - change datatype from QTY to INT
Submission Date
19:10, 23 January 2009 (UTC)
Profile Affected
Antepartum Record
TF Version
Volume and Section
Volume 2: Pregnancy Observation


The HL7 datatype for a pregnancy observation ( summary over all pregnancies is currently QTY which is defined as an abstract type as follows in the January 2009 ballot HL7 V3 documentation:

2.27 Abstract Type Quantity (QTY) specializes ANY

Definition: The quantity data type is an abstract generalization for all data types (1) whose value set has an order relation (less-or-equal) and (2) where difference is defined in all of the data type's totally ordered value subsets. The quantity type abstraction is needed in defining certain other types, such as the interval and the probability distribution.

Since an abstract datatype by its very nature is not meant to be used directly, the proposal is to change the HL7 datatype to INT. The HL7 V3 definition for INT is below:

Integer Number (INT) specializes QTY

Definition: Integer numbers (-1,0,1,2, 100, 3398129, etc.) are precise numbers that are results of counting and enumerating. Integer numbers are discrete, the set of integers is infinite but countable. No arbitrary limit is imposed on the range of integer numbers. Two NULL flavors are defined for the positive and negative infinity.