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Combination Medications

This template identifier is used to identify medication administration events that require special processing to handle combination medications. The parent template is A combination medication is made up of two or more other medications. These may be prepackaged, such as Percocet, which is a combination of Acetaminophen and oxycodone in predefined ratios, or prepared by a pharmacist, such as a GI cocktail.

In the case of the prepackaged combination, it is sufficient to supply the name of the combination drug product, and its strength designation in a single <substanceAdministation> entry. The dosing information should then be recorded as simply a count of administration units.

In the latter case of a prepared mixture, the description of the mixture should be provided as the product name (e.g., "GI Cocktail") , in the <substanceAdministration> entry. That entry may, but is not required, to have subordinate <substanceAdministration> entries included beneath it to record the components of the mixture.