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The IHE Personal Connected Health (PCH) Subdomain is a Subdomain of the IHE Device (DEV) Domain. The PCH Subdomain supports those device-related harmonization activities that are required for seamless integration between the clinical and consumer environments. The PCH Subdomain also coordinates with other Subdomains of the DEV Domain, which include the Patient Care Device (PCD) and Device Point-of-Care Interoperability (DPi) Subdomains.

PCH Mission Statement

Provide industry resources to guide development, implementation and conformance assessment of personal connected health devices and apps to manage measurements of personal health and make them available to health information systems and exchanges.

PCH Vision Statement

The Personal Connected Health (PCH) Subdomain promotes the development of IHE Profiles for remote health and fitness monitoring in support of consumer-centered approach to improving their health and wellness. PCH Profiles provide guidance for implementing globally recognized standards that enable collection and sharing of massive amounts of medical-grade personal health data.


The Personal Connected Health (PCH) Subdomain was created in 2019 as part of an effort to broaden the scope of the IHE Patient Care Device Domain (now the IHE Device Domain) to include personal connected health outside the clinical environment. IHE entered into a cooperative agreement with the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) to leverage their experiences and expertise in personal connected health and remote patient monitoring. More specifically, the early profiles are based on the PCHA’s Continua Design Guidelines that provide the only secure end-to-end information & communication technology solution for personal connected health and care using open standards.


Personal Connected Health is sponsored by: Personal Connected Health Alliance


The PCH subdomain has a combined Planning & Technical Committee that meets regularly to address both planning and technical issues.

Current PCH Subdomain Projects

One line descriptions of the profiles (final text and trial implementation) published by the domain, as well as links to the more detailed descriptions on the Wiki and to the Technical Framework pages.

PCH Profiles

The PCH Subdomain is developing the following IHE Profiles:


To learn more about the Personal Connected Health (PCH) Subdomain, please contact the Subdomain Secretary at


Domain Coordination Committee