Lab Domain Agenda 01.251.2011

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Dial-In Information

  • Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011
  • Time: 08:00-10:00 AM Eastern Time (USA, New York)
  • Web Conference
  • Audio Conference

You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended. Or, you may select "Use Telephone" after joining the Webinar.

  • Dial +1 (312) 878-3078
  • Access Code: 823-703-497
  • Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
  • Meeting ID: 823-703-497


1. North American Connectathon Report

IHE ConnectathonNotes

    • IVD connectivity is a small part of the overall problem
    • It is layered underneath the Laboratory Connectivity
    • Multiple implementations for Laboratory interoperability
      • ELINCS
      • HITSP
      • Others
  • Supporting the LAW Profile
    • Tools
    • Open source implementations
  • Apply the S&I (Standards and Interoperability) approach on a smaller scale (from Dr. Fridsma)
    • Profiles, Standards
    • Reference Implementation
    • Pilot projects
    • Compliance Certification
  • Robustness (based on TCP/IP RFC)
    • Send Conservatively – constrain what is sent
    • Receive Liberally – adapt if necessary to receive what is sent
  • Keep it simple
    • Clarity
    • Concise
    • Minimum set of capabilities to solve the problem
    • Add features incrementally
    • Don't let perfect be the enemy of good
    • Harmonize with the "little guy" - be inclusive
  • Connectathon preparation
    • Simulation tools required for prior testing
    • Determine what aspects of the profile will be tested
      • Actors
      • Transactions
      • Use cases?
    • Determine what coordination is needed with IHE Connectathon project managers
    • Leverage experience of IHE team members to help us prepare

2. CP Ballot Update

3. LAW Profile Volume I

    a.  Pooling of Patient Specimens.  Call scheduled for 26Jan2011

4. Face to Face Meeting Scheduling

5. LAW Volume I Technical Discussion