Lab Conf Minutes 2015-March-10

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Name Organization
Francois Macary (Technical Co-chair) ASIP Santé
Riki Merrick (Planning Co-Chair) Vernetzt, LLC
Carolyn Knapik (Secretary) CAP
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Juergen de Decker Web
Dmytro Rud Roche
Jim Harrison University of Virginia
Joanna Selinsky Beckman Coulter
J.D. Nolen Cerner
Ed Heierman Abbott
John Hopson Abbott
Laurent Lardin bioMérieux


Agenda Reviewed (Francois)

Announcement: LAW has been sent for publishing-sent to Mary Junger first week of March-in her hands now-supplement version 1.4 - yeah!

  • Eric Poiseau has found it on the server and is starting work on it
  • Ed has initiated a conversation with Eric to schedule a virtual connectathon for LAW for summer 2015 (June/July before the AACC meeting end of July)
  • Working with CLSI-submitted the candidate to help them develop the CLSI document based on LAW; should start work in April time frame and F2F in September to produce the CLSI standard-will add additional topics like how to transition from ASTM to HL7 implementation, etc. The CLSI standard should be released in 2016.
  • North America Conntectathon January 2016 – IICC members to participate – will send out a participation request with the publication email

Update on Lab Device Automation (LDA) progress:

  • Created the wiki content – should be built out by April call:
    • Described concepts
    • Proposed scope
    • Proposed actors
    • Draft use cases
  • Non-analytic devices-cross cutting between Lab and AP
  • For F2F: discuss the wiki content and confirm direction and identify the actual use cases around the workflow and solicit participation to move forward
  • Invite the AP folks to our next conference call in April via the AP google group list (Carolyn and Mary to do)

Laboratory Clinical Communication (LCC) Update:

  • Working on HL7 Change Proposals – one for order replacement one for additional work on existing results – starting the template work – Riki to provide the underlying chapters and hope to have that completed in time for next meeting
  • How much time needed at F2F – depends on outcome of HL7 discussions – probably just status update
  • More on wiki page

Lab-AP merger announcement and changed dates for the IHE F2F in Paris hosted by ASIP Sante – now May 19 at 9 AM to May 22 noon

Lab TF-CPs update and balloting for 6.0 release – have 6 currently – Riki just added one more for better alignment with the base standard:

  • Agree to add the segment groups back into the OML^O21, which does not change anything to the current specification of LAB-1 but enhances the clarity and shows the alignment with the standard.
  • Will skip optional segments in message definition (like SFT), per convention expressed at the top of Volume 2a.
  • OBR-7 is C in the base – fix usage to RE for LAB-1 is copy of SPM-17.1
  • Make OBR-28 RE
  • Send feedback to this CP and then send the ballot out
  • Riki to send out to google groups, please provide feedback by COB 3/13 to
  • The ballot of CPs will await completion of this additional CP to include it. We’’ll fire the ballot before next call.

Review of IHE Lab Domain report: Made changes to the document – will send as is to DCC.

F2F agenda topics in light of merger:

  • Please submit topic suggestions to the Co-Chair as well as preferred days for topics
  • Will finalize the agenda on the next call
  • Current suggestions so far:
    • Lab TF publication
    • LAW – CLSI coordination
    • LAW New Issues (2 hours)
    • Review LDA proposed content (see above) - #1 focus
    • LCC update – CPs for HL7
    • IHE - US Lab Harmonization update and review related TF CPs
    • Updates from the Connectathons
    • Review Point-in-Space Lab TF-1 Volume 1 Content
      • Use Cases
      • Systems Interconnection
      • Actors/Transactions (Identified, not detailed)
      • Integration Profile Options
      • Process Flows
    • Plan Creation of Point-in-Space Lab TF-1 Volume 2 Content
      • Transactions (Detailed)
    • LDA Discussions
      • Wiki Content
      • Confirm LDA direction
      • Identify use cases around workflow
      • Identify high-level transactions
      • Solicit participants for process

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am Central

Upcoming IHE Lab/AP joint meetings:

---28 APRIL 2015 at 10am Central - Teleconference (***Please note that this is a date change and will be a joint session between IHE Lab and IHE AP)

---IHE F2F in Paris hosted by ASIP Santé –19 May 2015 at 9 AM to 22 May 2015 at noon