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Recording available for download at HERE


Name Organization
Carolyn Knapik CAP
Megumi Kondo Sakwa Finetek (IHE)
Naomi Ishii JAHIS
Francois Macary ASIP Sante
Luca Giachetti Inpeco
Jim Harrison CAP
Ed Heierman Abbott
Laurent Lardin BioMerieux
Raj Dash CAP
Mary Kennedy CAP
Christel Daniel AP-HP
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Francesca Frexia CRS4


  1. For future calls, move to 1 hour earlier. 8-10am CDT
    1. First hour: Issues from the planning committees
    2. Second hour: Issues from the Technical committees (the technical discussion will occur immediately after the planning committee discussions, and may occur before the top of the hour.)
  2. Agenda reviewed: an update from Mary K. regarding the DCC (Domain Coordinators Committee) meeting was added.
  3. Merge process was reviewed:
    1. Why are we merging? Two new reasons were added:
      1. The 2 domains have a common secretariat in CAP. Hope to retain both current secretariats (Mary for AP and Carolyn for Laboratory) as secretariat workload will most likely double
      2. Hope that vendor involvement across AP and Lab will be enhanced, as merge process will allow for increased visibility. We have historically had low vendor involvement on the AP side.
    2. Why we should be careful? Risk added by Christel:
      1. It may be more difficult to involve vendors in France and Germany with the broader scope (AP + CP) of the merged domains.
      2. We can mitigate this risk by clearly defining topics with time frames slotted for their discussion on future agendas, so folks can attend the topics pertinent to them.
  • Vendors currently who have expressed interest in participating in Digital Imaging profiles: Cerner, MIPS (Filip)
  1. How should we proceed?
    1. DCC update: We can work with Chris Carr-they will be happy to help us.
      1. They recommend that we do not change the names of existing profiles, but rather add links to those profiles once new wiki is created.
      2. It will take quite some time to accomplish the merge.
      3. Riki and Mary both attend the DCC calls and will be our connection to DCC
    2. Christel will promote and explain the benefits and risks along with risk mitigation to the AP community.
  2. Formal agreement to merge:
    1. Suggest September 2015 for distribution of the ballot for merging AP + Lab
    2. Clarification on “who can vote?”
      1. Basic rules are:
        1. You must be have a Roster status of co-chair, liaison, or voting (or alternate)
        2. You must not miss 3 or more consecutive meetings
        3. For Laboratory Roster status: see <a href=""></a>
        4. For AP Roster status: see <a href=""></a>
      2. For more IHE voting information, see:
        1. <a href=",_Quorum_and_Voting">,_Quorum_and_Voting</a>
        2. <a href=""></a>
      3. Next IHE AP + Lab domains European F2F: Thomas Shrader invited us to meet in Berlin, coordinated with the DICOM 26 WG meeting in May, 2016.

Technical Topics

  1. Review of LAW 1.4 10 Proposed Test Cases
    1. Comments from Dmytro and Ed reviewed
    2. Further discussion with Anne Gaelle needed
    3. These are more restrictive than original test cases
    4. Ed to ask IHE Team (Anne and Eric) as to how to handle different options for additional information, such as dilutions, demographics, etc.
    5. Testcases.jpg
    6. The 10 test cases seem reasonable and encompassing: no need to add additional or delete any of these test cases.
    7. Comments were added to Test Cases # 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
    8. Test Cases #5 and 7 – only supports query by WOS
    9. Test Case #8: Change name of this test case to “LAW Query Prior to Specimen Arrival at AM”.
    10. Ed to work with Anne on updating the test cases by 19 JUNE 2015
  2. Upcoming Connectathon
    1. Scheduled for the week of July 6
    2. Registration closes June 10, but they will work with vendors to get them registered.
    3. Conformance link truncations have been sent to Anne Gaelle
  3. Upcoming IHE Webinar on 22 JULY 2015
    1. To be given by Riki and Raj
    2. Merger of the IHE Anatomic Pathology and IHE Laboratory Domains
  4. Next Call is scheduled for 21 JULY 2015 at 8am CDT
  5. Meeting adjourned at 1050am CDT