Lab AP Conf Minutes 2015-Dec-09

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Recording available for download at HERE


Francois Macary ASIP Sante
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Dmytro Rudd Roche
Ed Heierman Abbott
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Jim Harrison, MD, FCAP CAP
JD Nolen, MD, PhD, MSPH Cerner
Laurent Lardin BioMerieux
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Megumi Kondo Sakwa Finetek
Naomi Ishii AHIS
Raj Dash, MD, FCAP CAP
Riki Merrick APHL
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Nick Haarselhorst Phillips
David de Mena  
Anna Orlova  
Benoit Denisselle Beckman Coulter
Gunter Haroske  

Agenda: <a href=""></a>


  • Agenda Review: Francois
    • John Hopson sends regrets – so no LSH deep dive

    First Hour

  • AP + Lab Merger updates:
    • Sabrina gathering the rosters of both AP and Lab participants and googlegroups; will send the email announcements prior to January 1, as everyone will need to rejoin PaLM
    • They want to deprecate the Lab and AP websites – so we need to decide what to do with the material that is on those domains – have requested 1 year overlap, not sure if we will get that – we would prefer if the pages can be archived, so that it will still be accessible. If we cannot do that, will have to migrate everything
    • IHE has now 160 paying member organization – still reaching out to remaining previous members
    • Have created the first wiki page draft: <a href=""></a>
    • Have moved content from above first draft wiki to the following. We will use this wiki moving forward: <a href=""></a>
    • Origin / scope / sponsors / quicklinks / profiles (PaLM technical framework to be published by Summer 2016 – have to merge AP and Lab TF (including LAW 1.5 in final text) as TF 7.0/ How PaLM can help IT systems / Timeline table / current activity (still need to add AP work, LSH, Harmonization with US lab rofiles) / How to join / Demonstrations / Conferences of interest /
    • We would like to keep the wiki page content available – can link form different pages and remove older domains off web page after a transfer period – seems like busy work to have to re-create the same wiki ages again. We will include minutes/agendas from all 2015 meetings in new PaLM wiki.
    • Look for the announcement for the PaLM googlegroup.
  • Next F2F:
    • Have offer from DICOM to have joint meeting as well as May 25 – 28 Digital Path (more vendor participation and the opportunity for joint session with DICOM WG 26)
    • IHE world summit in June 7/8 in Amsterdam – should we consider “hooking” into that instead? / only 1 week between these, aim closer to Digital Pathology – Gunther and Mary will work on dates
    • IHE PaLM meeting for 3.5 days – for about 20 – 25 people
  • In Fall CAP would host in Chicago – we were trying to combine with IHE QRPH
  • Second Hour
  • LAW CPs for Connectathon:
    • CP wiki page: <a href=""></a>
    • CP-241 – CP-248 are required to complete LAW v1.5 of supplement, which will be the same as final text in TF
    • CP-247: Create difference between is existent but unknown, vs is not existent. – use of “” for the latter and clarify that – make that part of the ballot vote, so that we can fire what we have now; that will be the fastest way to get the ballots completed.
    • Next step: Prepare the text of the email to send the ballot out, then Carolyn will send to both google groups
      • Francois will send out – make voting period 1 week – so end ballot on 12/17/2015
    • Drop CP-235 – has not regressed since 2014 – Francois to do
    • Ed will update LAW to 1.5, Riki will verify correct application
    • Looking for the original artwork for LAW as some need updating – Laurent will check with Jean from Biomerieux and let Ed / François know, else we will have to re-create them
  • Next steps for LAW NA prep:
    • Laurent emails related to testing: Pretesting has to be done by 12/16, but the CPs are not incorporated into the Gazelle tool at this time – so the participants should be aware that the pre-tests may have expected errors documented
    • Can send email to Steve Moore, Anne-Gaelle, Eric Posieau and the participating vendors – send to the NA googlegroup and post respective documentation for LAW registrants, as well as send direct emails also.
    • Laurent will draft the email to clarify the specific content of the errors to expect in pre-testing – will be official announcement from IHE –LAB / AP committee; have review by Ed and Francois; post to
    • Email about the options available in the tool at the registrations have shared – the linkage between the test cases also have changed; for some test cases we would need to decide if we want to tests No options, all options, some of the options etc. and we don’t know which if these will be testable in the tool
    • Laurent listed all options for each test case, but have no answer yet.
    • To be safe register without option, but allow folks to add options during life connectathon – identify which options can be tested per Laurent’s email and add that as text / comment to the test cases
    • Not all the options might be in the tool – the testing instance can still be kept in Gazelle – submit statement about which option was included – the monitor checking the tests should be informed and can do manual validation
    • Might have to request more manual result collection prior to publication of the connectathons results and produce their integration statement with the options and are then referenced by IHE site.
    • Use different step for the options – mandatory options per the tool and the ones that are not mandatory – but we don’t have test cases for all options at this time – we might not be able to create them
    • If we identify the options with the unique messaging needs and decide if we want to include them in the NA.
    • Include the reasoning for dropping test cases 3 and 4 in another reminder email to Anne-Gaelle.
  • Riki and Jim to get in touch about possible v2.9 proposals in support of LCC to submit prior to the Jan 2016 WGM which is Jan 10 - 15, 2016.
  • Call adjourned 10:21 AM ET
  • LSH deep dive – January 13th teleconference