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Each Planning Committee should evaluate the flow of profiles through the IHE pipeline; from initial idea to deployed systems having a positive impact on healthcare.

At each stage, a key resource needs to be sufficient to properly accomplish the activity at that stage.

If there is a mismatch in the capacity of adjacent stages in the pipeline, the Planning Committee is responsible for taking action to smooth out the flow, either by "widening" the narrower pipe by increasing the resource, or by throttling back at the prior stage. Otherwise the overloaded activity will be done poorly or work from the prior stage will be set aside/wasted.

Consider the following stages in your domain. In which stages is the activity lagging for lack of input, in which is the activity suffering from overload, in which is the flow well matched to the resources? What is your action plan to fix the balance?

Ideas important to Users > TC Bandwidth > Community Bandwidth > Test & Tools Bandwidth > Implementer Bandwidth > Marketer Bandwidth > Purchaser Bandwidth > User Bandwidth
to seed the process to develop high quality specifications to review PC drafts to develop test cases and test tools to prototype & test implementations to promote products to users to absorb the new products to adapt to and make use of the new products

<Flipping vertical to add more details to each stage...>

Pipeline Stage Key Capacity Limit Flow Metric Indicator of Overload
Seed the process Ideas important to Users # of proposals
# of user endorsements of proposals
Develop high quality specifications TC Bandwidth # of supplements Many subcmtes/working groups
Many CPs
Many PC comments from Technical Proj Mgrs
Lengthening Development Year
Review Pub Cmt drafts Community Bandwidth # of PC Supplements Few comments from outside Cmte
(Factor out Technical Proj Mgr comments)
Few comments on some/all supps
Develop test cases and test tools Test & Tools Team Bandwidth # test cases Key details untested
Integration problems in field
Prototype & test implementations Implementer Bandwidth (Connectathon #'s)
# Profiles Implemented
# Implementations/actor/profile
Untested Profiles
Lightly-tested Profiles
Consider percent of potential systems participating
Promote products to users Marketer Bandwidth (Integration Statement #'s)
# Profiles Implemented
# Implementations/actor/profile
Mention of IHE on vendor Websites (general awareness)
Mention of specific IHE profiles on vendors Websites (specific awareness)
Profile is on few/no Vendor Websites or Mktg materials
Sales Force unaware of profile
Grasp/Absorb the new products Purchaser Bandwidth # RFPs using IHE Profiles
Informative articles
Hits on IHE Website (general awareness)
Hits on Product Registry (specific awareness)
Adapt to and make use of the new products User Bandwidth Number of case study papers
Conference sessions (especially initiated by users not directly involved in IHE)
Number of site implementing IHE profiles, number of profiles implemented
Positive Impact on Healthcare Number of clinical trials and research publications