Enhanced SOLE for AI

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1. Proposed Workitem: <initial working name for profile/whitepaper/etc>

  • Proposal Editor: Chris Lindop, Neil Tenenholtz, Rob Horn, Brian Bialecki
  • Editor: <Name of candidate Lead Editor for the Profile, if known>
  • Date: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: <Domain name Radiology

2. The Problem

Healthcare providers have a strong desire to increase throughput and efficiency, both to improve the quality and timeliness of care and to control costs which include:

  • Workflow restructuring/optimization (existing in SOLE)
  • Disaster support/readiness (existing in SOLE)
  • Performance tracking and bottleneck identification (extended)
  • Resource allocation for new machines, upgrades (new)
  • Software/Network Fault isolation/troubleshooting (new)

The SOLE profile currently lacks the capability to address the complexity introduced by AI and distributed cloud-native applications. This profile extends SOLE to address these gaps.

3. Key Use Case

A study is acquired. An Orchestrator/Task Manager invokes one or more applications. I need to know:

  • Right-size the resources for an AI Application
  • Allocate the resource allocation to optimize the algorithm performance
  • How much CPU, what kind of accelerator, memory, bandwidth storage
  • What is the uptime, latency, requests/algorithm utilization
  • How to troubleshoot a problem
  • Licensing deployment model assessment

'Should I pay for a machine running 24 hours or on-demand running?'

4. Standards and Systems

<List existing systems that are/could be involved in the problem/solution.>

<If known, list standards which might be relevant to the solution>

5. Discussion

<Include additional discussion or consider a few details which might be useful for the detailed proposal>

<Why IHE would be a good venue to solve the problem and what you think IHE should do to solve it.>
<What might the IHE technical approach be? Existing Actors? New Transactions? Additional Profiles?>
<What are some of the risks or open issues to be addressed?>

<This is the brief proposal. Try to keep it to 1 or at most 2 pages>

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