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Quality is important.

If few comments on a document are submitted during the public comment period, it means either:

  • the author is brilliant and the document is perfect, or
  • no one had time to read it in depth, if at all

In the interest of publishing material worthy of Trial Implementation, we want comments.

To facilitate this in the face of prolific profile publication, it is recommended that:

  • Each document have at least one (and preferably several) designated reviewer(s)
  • Designated reviewers are obliged to read the complete document and submit comments
  • This should not dissuade other committee members from reviewing the documents
  • This should not dissuade designated reviewers from reviewing other documents
  • It is intended to guarantee that every document gets at least a minimum of review

Selecting Designated Reviewers

Each committee can come up with it's own method, but a few useful guidelines include:

  • Every committee member with voting rights is obliged to be a designated reviewer on at least one PC document per cycle
    • It's part of getting the work done, and those with voting rights are the ones we can depend on
  • Profile Authors get first choice of which document (not their own) they will be a designated reviewer for
    • They have the considerations of "how to write a good profile" fresh in their minds from just having written one so they are excellent reviewers
    • It can help drive some convergence as they identify where similar things have been handled differently between their own and others
    • They're already contributing a lot of work, so they should get first choice and only have to do one
  • Other committee members should probably have to be designated reviewers on at least two documents
    • They didn't have to write any of them, now it's their turn to contribute. It's still way less work.
  • The number of reviewers should be balanced across the documents
    • Some disproportion might be appropriate if one is a 10-page simple document and the other is a 150-page complexity, but make sure none get ignored.
  • Recruiting external experts in the domain of the document is excellent, but also see the first bullet in this list.

Public Comment Process