Card Tech Agenda 2011.05.11

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Agenda IHE Cardiology TC - 05/11/2011

  1. Action Item review
    • Harry: investigate CP008
    • Harry: contact Cocir with regards to interoperability demo at ESC
    • Harry: contact PCC domain for review of CIRC supplement
    • Tom or Antje: ask for review of CIRC Supplement in Domain Coordination Call
    • Nick: support Harry in modeling the finding section
    • Dan: perform head count for next F2F meeting and organize meeting rooms
    • Tom or Antje: send out a reminder eMail before next call to ask for participation so that quorum is achieved for voting whether to submit CPs for ballot
  2. Vote on whether we can submit the CPs (CP007, 010, 011) for ballot or not. Please note that we need quorum for this vote, therefore we would appreciate if all active members would participate in the call.
  3. CIRC