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The Sharing Valuesets, Codes, and Maps (SVCM) Profile defines a lightweight interface through which healthcare systems may retrieve centrally managed uniform nomenclature and mappings between code systems based on the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) specification


The Sharing Valusets, Codes, and Maps (SVCM) Profile supports querying for value sets and code systems using the standard HL7 FHIR resources. It also supports looking up and validating codes as well as expanding a value set to list all the available codes. Optionally concept maps can also be included to translate from one code system or value set to another (e.g. SNOMED CT to LOINC).


Terminologies managed in value sets are most useful when they are widely shared and standardized across geography and disciplines to add clarity and specificity.


The Sharing Valusets, Codes, and Maps (SVCM) Profile defines a Terminology Repository that can respond to queries from a Terminology Consumer. The consumer can search for HL7 FHIR ValueSets, CodeSystems, and optionally ConceptMaps or retrieve the details if the id is already known.

The Terminology Consumer can lookup a code from a ValueSet or CodeSystem to retrieve the details. It can also validate a code to make sure it exists in the ValueSet or CodeSystem.

The Terminology Consumer can expand a ValueSet to retrieve the full list of available codes.

Optionally, a Terminology Consumer can translate codes from one ValueSet to another or from one CodeSystem to another.

Systems Affected

  • A system needing to display a list of options from a value set can query the details from a repository..
  • A system containing terminology details can respond to lookup and validation queries.

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Profile Status: Trial Implementation


Additional Supplements:

Underlying Standards:

  • FHIR
    • ValueSet
    • CodeSystem
    • ConceptMap

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Implementer Information

This supplement uses FHIR R4 defined resources -- ValueSet N, CodeSystem N, and ConceptMap 3. FHIR Maturity Level (FMM) 3-N.

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