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The Patient Identifier Cross Referencing (PIX) Integration Profile supports the cross-referencing of patient identifiers from multiple Patient Identifier Domains by:

  • Transmitting patient identity information from an identity source to the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager.
  • Providing the ability to access the list(s) of cross-referenced patient identifiers either via a query/ response or via an update notification.


Cross-referencing and linkage of patient information:

  • without the need to define or compromise any specific enterprise policies or cross-referencing algorithms
  • providing the necessary interoperability while maintaining the flexibility to be used with any cross-referencing policy and algorithm as deemed adequate by the enterprise.

Process Flow:



The Patient Identifier Cross Referencing (PIX) Integration Profile supports two domains:

  • A Patient Identifier Domain is defined as a single system or a set of interconnected systems that all share a common identification scheme (an identifier and an assignment process to a patient) and issuing authority for patient identifiers.
  • The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Domain embodies the following assumptions about agreement within the group of individual Identifier Domains:
  • They have agreed to a set of policies that describe how patient identities will be cross-referenced across participating domains;
  • They have agreed to a set of processes for administering these policies;
  • They have agreed to an administration authority for managing these processes and policies.

All these assumptions are critical to the successful implementation of this profile. This integration profile imposes minimal constraints on the participating Patient Identifier Domains and centralizes most of the operational constraints for the overall Patient Identification Cross-reference Domain in the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager Actor.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:

  • Local and enterprise-wide information systems that utilize and patient identity (i.e., admit-discharge-transfer (ADT)/registration systems and hospital information system (HIS ))

Actors & Transactions:



Profile Status: Final Text

Formal Profile Specification: IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Version 1 or later

Underlying Standards:

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