PCC TC Face to Face April 25-28, 2016

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Monday April 25, 2016

Agenda Review

  • Present: Steve Moore; Chris Melo; Tone Southerland; Denise Downing; Emma Jones; Thom Kuhn; George Cole; Elena Vio; Anne Diamond
  • Phone: No One

Updates to the agenda:

    • Tuesday morning 8-9am IHE workflow profiles meeting geared towards profile authors and implementers on workflow based profiles. This is a marketing and educational effort. ITI also having a workflow meeting session today on their .

Add time to agenda - wed or thurs

    • CP on 191 from Mauro
    • Steve may have more CPs as a result of European connecthathon testing

Announcements from Nancy:

  • HIMSS call for proposal submission: IHE to submit proposals for abstracts for HIMSS 2017 May 2-17. These proposals are for the educational sessions.
  • July F2F meeting - July 18 thru 22
  • Co-chair meeting 5:30 pm Wednesday evening
  • tomorrow Tuesday meeting 8-9am work-based profile meeting

DCP - George Cole

  • General things
    • what to do about the FHIR resources being profiled - where should they go in the supplement. We have been placing in the profile in section 6 (same as RECON - with the bolding of elements that were constrained and only the properties that were constrained were placed in a table in in the profile)
      • have been working in the Forge tool
      • Steve asking at the transaction level - is what being used any different from FHIR transactions? If so, can we list in vol 1 what transactions are being used.
        • the transactions are plain vanilla and should be taken into consideration in regards to the care plan resource we're constrained. Due to this, Steve request striking his comment about content.
      • Section 6.6 - what do we give to the public comment reader so they can review the changes that were made? Discussed. Decision: Will have 2 sub sections - care plan and subscription. Will copy all the properties and will bold the differences and sent that out for public comment. machine processable xml representation from the forge tool is on the ftp site. Will add tables to 6.6.1
  • How to get IHE profiles on the FHIR page?
    • IHE documentation group is doing analysis for now on all the content standards.
      • Per Thom, this is a huge effort where HL7 need to decide what to do about the various resources are being profiled.
  • Steve's question about clarity of the Actors/transactions diagram. Discussed. Will update the diagram
  • Steves's Comments/Questions
    • No named option for subscribing to care plan updates. Discussed.Now an option on care plan contributor and care plan consumer.
    • Mobile scenario - referred to MHD group. Steve agrees this is an IHE wide issue. Need to get an IHE stance on security on devices.
    • Exposure of PHI - DCP states a POST is used. For retrieve, will use careplan.id. This is standard FHIR. GET is available to everybody in the browser - everything you type in. POST travels inside the body of the transaction and you don't see it visible an dwill need a more sophisticated sniffer to see the data of the POST. HTTPS - will encrypt whether GET or POST.
      • This would be a topic for the Joint meeting with ITI on Wednesday
  • Profiling Care Plan resource - 6.6.1 give high level guidance on where to look for health concerns, interventions, etc in the care plan resource [action item for Emma].

Summary Vol 1 looking good, Steve had some comments that will be incorporated, FHIR profiling how to reflect that info, put it in section 6.6.7 FHIR Content Modules or somewhere different? DCP is constraining subscription and CP Resource using Forge Tool to document that so where to put it? Larger issue where is HL7 going to put all the Resources that are being built? Currently putting all the XML documents on IHE FTP site, RECON put it in section 6.6.A and the List constraints were placed in the Cardinality and Description columns

DCP 6.6 will have 2 sections – CP and Subscription and copy the FHIR resources, and display it in a table in the IHE profile, bold the changes made that constrains the FHIR resource in the profile

Reviewed Steve’s comments.

BED - Keith Boone (on phone)

  • Naming profile to ED Bed management for this specific use case
  • Profile discussed. In patient transfers and Discharge planning is out of scope for this profile.
  • Noted CP needed for PAM. Discuss PAM at Joint – PAM profile stated “you shall not send these” Keith wanted to change this

XCHT-WD - Elena Vio

  • Profiled discussed.

Tuesday April 26, 2016

08:00 to 09:00 Workflow meeting What do we want to call a Workfow (WF) profile? Identifying 'workflow' profiles. Need to determine actual WF profiles or related to WF or building block for WF profile. If it doesn't have an expected action, it is not a WF profile. Expected actions are explicity defined in the profile. the expected actions are defined in the transactions of the profile.

  • 25% of IHE profiles have 'workflow' in the title
  • some are protocols - protocols they want communicated
  • Few profiles are made around appointments
  • XDW flavor where their are a number of tasks that are interacted with
  • Gray Zone - PCD building block for a workflow, workflow related.


  • Flow of a thing (e.g scheduling resources - bed, machine, room). Different from patient centered flow.

DCP - George Cole

  • Present: Steve Moore; Chris Melo; Tone Southerland; Denise Downing; Emma Jones; Thom Kuhn; George Cole; Elena Vio; Anne Diamond, Lisa Nelson
  • Phone: No One
  • Update to section 6.6 and discussion on profiling care plan resource. Added questions to open issue list
  • Subscription resource - discussed and updated
    • MHD for querying and getting a document, https GET is a more secure way to get a document. Need consistent way to do Find and Retrieve, MHD ITI profile as compared to FHIR – add to Joint Meeting – George to show example – DCP has a POST to find a document and to Retrieve it’s a GET, FHIR resource has a GET: added to topics for discussion at Joint meeting tomorrow.

BED - Keith Boone

  • Present: Steve Moore; Chris Melo; Tone Southerland; Denise Downing; Emma Jones; Thom Kuhn; George Cole; Elena Vio; Anne Diamond, Keith Boone, Amit Popat
  • Phone: No One
  • Profile discussed and updated
  • Reviewed where to place Acuity and Isolation, Acuity went into PV-40 there are no code sets from CDC for isolation using OBX User-defined Table, Table Z2-1 PV2 Segment Table reviewed

XCHT-WD - Elena Vio

  • Present: Steve Moore; Chris Melo; Denise Downing; Emma Jones; Thom Kuhn; Elena Vio; Anne Diamond
  • Profiled discussed and updated.
  • Reviewed transactions and transaction tables

Wednesday April 27, 2016

DCP - George Cole

  • Present: Steve Moore; Tone Southerland; Denise Downing; Emma Jones; Thom Kuhn; George Cole; Elena Vio; Lisa Nelson
  • Phone: No One
  • Profile discussed and updated
  • Reviewed Open Issues, changed CP Manager to CP Server in all tables, worked on Subscription Resource and errors
  • Question discussed about FHIR Simplifier.Net. DCP has XML constraining FHIR Resources and we want to know if we should publish to Simplifier.Net, or just place the XML on the IHE ftp site. Consensus, will put a link in the document about where to find the XML code on the IHE ftp Implementation site. Discussion planned at Joint meeting around this.
    • Vote: Present: Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Elena Vio, Chris Melo, Thom Kuhn, Tone Southerland, George Cole

On Phone: No One


    • Motion – Emma
    • 2nd – Tone
    • Opposed – 0
    • Abstain - 0
  • Next Steps:
    • Email Mary about blank sections and what to do about them
    • Post the profile where instructed by Mary for preparation for Public Comment

CP 203

  • Assigned to George PC Content and StatusCode Value – in all the old PCC status codes conflicts with profiling with CCDA, it’s an apples vs orange comparison, CCDS R2 depricated the StatusCode Observation, other issues are with Medications, Immunizations, Simple Observations what IHE specified is more constrained than HL7 but compatible with, close this – no changes needed – move to the “Rejected” folder

CP 220

  • Assigned to Steve Moore - typos in LOINC Code in Emergency Department Encounter Summary Supplement – ED, IHE Supplement needs to be updated

CP 221

  • Update RECON and CMAP to reference FHIR DSTU 2 version, 3.1.7 Referenced Standards using the FHIR Resource (work in progress) referenced to a FHIR zip folder, compared the FHIR resources 2015 and DSTU 2 version point to the DSTU v2 version and reference the FHIR resource

BED Present: Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Elena Vio, George Cole, Thom Kuhn, Steve Moore, Tone Southerland On Phone: No One

  • No Open Issues – they have all been addressed, reviewed transactions, moved to vote
    • Motioned - Keith Boone
    • 2nd - Tone Southerland
    • Opposed - 0
    • Abstain - 1 (Steve)
  • Next Steps:
    • Keith to post on ftp site and send to Mary for preparation to be sent out for Public Comment


  • Present: Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Elena Vio, Chris Melo, Keith Boone, Thom Kuhn, Tone Southerland, George Cole
    • On Phone: No One

Discussed the last transactions and tasks

  • There remains one Open Issue which makes references to the requirements for the HT Requester Document, what metadata is included in the document or why it can’t be just a v2 message, lengthy discussion was had, keeping the Open Issue question
    • Motioned – George
    • 2nd – Thom
    • Abstained – 0
    • Opposed – 0
  • Next Step:
    • Elena will make the final changes to the profile then send it to Emma and Denise who will place it on the ftp site and send to Mary for preparation for Public Comment

Profile Update on the Wiki

  • Tone gave an update about the status of updating the Profile Summary Page on the IHE wiki, he’s completed 1 out of 16, suggested we make this part of the author’s responsibility after the profile goes to Trial Implementation, will discuss this at the July F2F Meeting

Thursday April 28, 2016 Final edits to profiles completed by profile editors and submitted for public comment publication.