IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-03-18 Teleconference

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Domain Coordination Issues

  1. Radiology:
    1. Radiation Exposure Monitoring out for Public Comment: would like review by Cardiology and RO;
    2. Mammography Acquisition Workflow (including protocol code sets) profile out for Public Comment: would like review by IT in context of SVS profile
    3. Reuse of optional SWF transactions added by other domains (Cardio and Eye Care)
    4. XDS-I and XDS.b
  2. Eye Care: Constraining pdf reports to pdf-a vs. ITI XDS Scanned Documents supplement
  3. ITI:
    1. Adding ITI-30 to the PIX profile; impact on other domains and CP at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/IT_Infrastructure/TF_Maintenance-2007-2008/CPs/Assigned/CP-ITI-211-01.doc
    2. Asynchrounous versions of XDS.b transactions
    3. Review of updated security cookbook by all domains: NEMA security ballot relevant?
  4. Tracking Site for Domain Coordination Issues: Project Page for Committee on Eric's FlySpray Site

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  1. June Webinars: Initial Planning and Assignments
    1. 2007 Workshop Program
  2. Profile Descriptions for ISO:
    1. Update on Authoring
    2. Due date: April 18
  3. Profile Category Definitions
    1. Develop page with definitions of standard categories of profiles (eg, Content, Infrastructure, Presentation, Workflow)

Governance Implementation

  1. Domain Board Representative Elections
    1. Status Update
  2. Committee Membership and Meeting Issues

Domain Coordination Committee