Historical PCC Work Items

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Profile Development 2013-2014

  • CCDA Harmonization (includes IC changes)
  • Order and Referral Matching (ROL)
  • Patient Care Plan (PtCP)
  • EHDI Workflow Definition (EHDI-WD)
  • Diagnostic Study Request Workflow Definition (DSR-WD)

Previous Profile Development

We have published (in some cases re-published) the following profiles to Trial Implementation to be tested at Connectathon 2010. These supplements are available in pdf format here 2009-10 PCC Trail Implementation Publications

  • Antepartum Record Supplement (APR) not a profile yet
    • Antepartum History of Physical (APHP)
    • Antepartum Summary (APS)
    • Antepartum Laboratory (APL)
    • Antepartum Education (APE)
  • Care Management (CM)
  • Content Modules Supplement supportive to other profiles
  • Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES) not a profile yet
    • Triage Note (TN)
    • Nursing Note (NN)
    • Composite Triage and Nursing Note (CTNN)
    • ED Physician Note (EDPN)
  • EMS Transfer of Care (ETC)
  • Immunization Content (IC)
  • Labor and Delivery Record Supplement (LDR) not a profile yet
    • Labor and Delivery History and Physical (LDHP)
    • Labor and Delivery Summary (LDS)
    • Maternal Discharge Summary (MDS)
  • Patient Plan of Care (PPOC)
  • Query for Existing Data (QED)
  • Request for Clinical Guidance (RCG)

Profile Development 2010-2011

  • Post Partum Visit Summary
  • Newborn Discharge Summary
  • Perinatal Workflow
  • Chronic Care Coordination
  • Nursing Summary