Domain Secretaries Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-04-21

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  • Andrea Pitkus, Lab
  • Sidrah Abdul, RO
  • Manny Furst, PCD
  • Celina Roth, HIMSS
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


  • Communication Tools
  • Committee requested a one page FAQ or process page for domain secretaries with links to important docs
  • Action: Nichole will provide a draft for committee review by May 12. Will ask for feedback and comments prior to May 19 call.
  • Google Groups (email distribution list)
  • Google Documents
  • HIMSS domain rosters are completed in Excel, locked and posted to ftp site
  • RO uses Google Docs
  • Lab uses Excel and Wiki
  • RSNA domain rosters are posted on Google Docs and linked from Wiki
  • Wiki Page (committee schedules, meeting and tcon deadlines, documentation process)
  • Action: Nichole will find out how to upload PDFS on Wiki and email the group
  • (everything related to IHE International)
  • Action: Make membership link easier to find and more prominent on page
  • Action: Define process for providing updates for upload. Share web redesign timeline.
  • Domain Committee Procedures
  • Must follow IHE International Governance procedures when conducting meetings/tcons.
  • Action: Confirm voting rules and what constitutes quorum on next call (ie. when a company is eligible to vote after becoming members; when voting rights are lost when are they regained; ballots, etc.)
  • Must elect 2 co-chairs each for planning/technical committees; will serve 2 year term
  • Action: Confirm co-chair election process
  • Action: Questions to answer: Are there vendor co-chair limitations to help maintain neutral positions in meeting? Can a person be elected to a 3 year term?
  • Co-chairs must participate in bi-weekly Domain Coordination Committee conference calls
  • Request that secretaries also participate in DCC calls
  • Action: Make sure all domain secretaries on on DCC email list
  • Must elect committee representative to IHE International Board Committee
  • Action: Provide committee with process and timeline; point to link on one page FAQ
  • Review publication cycle and timelines
  • Logos for domains
  • Do domain logos that have already been approved need to be reapproved if changes are requested?
  • Action: Send answer to committee

Next Call

  • May 19, 10-11:00am CDT

Domain Committee Secretaries