Pharm Tech Minutes 2023.02.07

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  • Participants and welcome
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Updates from ISO, HL7
  • HL7 new and coming resources, R5 planning
  • Testable specifications
  • ISO initiatives and reusable models
  • IHE Pharmacy Delivery plans
  • Supply profiles
  • Medication Lists / Record (articulation with BE, CH, IPS...)
  • ePrescription, eDispense (with UNICOM, BE, ISO)
  • IHE Pharmacy workgroup health
  • Lessons learned
  • Augmenting capacity (leadership, administrative, technical)
  • Capacity building - webinars and how-to's
  • Planning Schedule
    • Den Haag F2F meeting
      • Work topics: ePrescription, MedicationLists
    • Current version: Schedule 2022-2023
  • Other topics
  • Change Proposal for CDA profiles
  • reassessment of ISO 17523 (requirements for electronic prescriptions)
  • reassessment of ISO 19293 (requirements for a record of dispense)


  • Updates for ISO and HL7:
  • New resources added that are relevant to us: InventoryItem and TestPlan

  • HL7 Work items:

1. There is some guidance by HL7 Pharmacy: 2. Also an IG: but it doesn't build These seem to be the same initiative

    • Action Item**: José to recover the build so that we can look at it and take it as a reference.
  • Supply:

The Supply profile is ready for revision. We will likely take out the Inventory parts which are not available in R4.

  • Medication Lists

The Medication List is being considered in different countries and the scope seems similar.

  • Links to CH profiles:

Michael, Stephane, João and José will continue the work. Meetings with Quentin should happen soon to make use of his knowledge.

  • Medication Prescription and Dispense
  • This is related to projects in Austria and possibly a Gemini project
  • HL7 is starting a new work item called Clinical Order Workflows

  • IHE Pharmacy planning:

What are the topics that we want to address, aligning with the current initiatives (eHDSI, WHO, etc.). Current topics that are high-visibility

  • ePrescription
  • MedicationLists
  • Immunization
  • Michael: We also want to check and catch up with what is being tested in Connectathons.
  • Alexander: The alignment with European initiatives is key:
  • eHDSI
  • Gravitate project is also possibly within scope and reach of IHE
  • Immunization

Decisions: We have our priorities for work: ePrescription and Medication Lists. The work is ongoing, we will reveal planning and impact as possible. We'll set up the work meetings to discuss the details.