GDC Agenda 2023-04-05

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National Deployment Committees

  • Current "list of shame", deployment committees that have overdue reports and been contacted:
    • Austria – No report yet. Promised for May GDC meeting
    • China – We’ve sent several emails to China since October. Last email was end of February. No response.
    • Czech Republic – They’re working on it. We’ll follow up.
    • Europe – Their last report was April 2022
    • Finland – Due for an updated report
    • France – No response
    • Germany – They were planning to send a report for April. Haven’t received anything.
    • Korea – No response yet
    • USA – No response yet

Future Special Presentations and tentative schedule 2023

  • May 3, US/EU: Canada's Projectathon Results 2023 and expcted implications on procurement (Derek)
  • Jun 14, EU/Asia: European EEHRxF and EHDS and its implications on the EU member states (Jürgen)
  • Jul 5, Asia/US: tbd
  • Aug 2, US/EU: tbd
  • Sep 6, EU/Asia: XpanDH Project in Europe (Jürgen)
  • Oct 4, Asia/US: tbd
  • Nov 1, US/EU: tbd
  • Dec 6, EU/Asia: Netherland's setting up of a National Test and Validation Center (Tie)

Special Presentation: International Patient Summary (IPS) - Mike Nusbaum

  • Update on IPS collaboration activities
  • Discussion regarding IPS adoption globally
  • Proposal for a new IHE profile: Accessibility to IPS (aIPS) - call for participation

Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability Update

  • Reporting as required

Open Forum (informal information sharing)

Other business

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 09:00-10:00pm CDT (EU/US friendly time)

Global Deployment Coordination Committee