XDS-SD Harmonization

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Several IHE profiles rely on HL7 specifications, in particular HL7 CDA R2. Implementers of these profiles are facing many stumbling blocks due to inconsistencies among the HL7 CDA based IHE profiles and the artifacts published by HL7 that implementers are relying on for their respective implementations. These implementations issues are significant enough to threaten the interoperability goals of IHE and should be addressed across the relevant committees.

This issue in the beginning discussion phases amongst the co-chairs of IHE. This effort with XDs-SD is the beginning of an alignment campaign in which all content profiles in IHE that are based on CDA use the PCC TF, in particular use the content module approach where appropriate. This will provide greater implementation and documentation consistency.

CDA Document Content Modules

XDS Scanned Document Specification (XDS-SD OID)

CDA Header Content Modules

  • Original Author (tbd)
  • Scanner (tbd)
  • Scanner Operatior (tbd)

CDA Section Content Modules


CDA and HL7 Version 3 Entry Content Modules



  • Metadata CP to PCC (CDA Bindings to XDS Metadata)