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AS of August 2010 the complete list of error codes includes error codes from ITI TF-3: 4.1.13 Table 4.1-11 plus additionals errors added by the Cross-Community Access (XCA) and XDS Metadata Update Supplements. This list shows how Table 4.1-11 would look if all the updates to it were integrated together.

There are several questions regarding the current collection of errors used by XD* transactions:

  • Should error codes be prefixed with a profile name (XDS) and what does it mean to have such a prefix, some do and some do not.
  • Do we have a good collection of error codes, sufficiently detailed but not too detailed?
  • Have we left appropriate space for future profile and CP extensions to the error codes?

During discussion of CP 479 on August 11, 2010 the following thoughts about future direction of the error codes were considered:

  • Presenting our error codes as a hierarchical set of codes
  • Using a coded terminology for the error codes

This page has been created to collect the discussion on the topic. You may add to it by creating a discussion item or editing directly.

epSOS Error Codes

Joerg.caumanns 16:01, 19 September 2010 (UTC) For the European epSOS project several additional error and warning codes have been defined. While many of them are specific for the epSOS use cases, the following ones may be candidates for being added to the common error code list:

  • XCA: The patient has not given consent to the requested service.
  • XCA: The service provider requests a higher authentication trust level than assigned to the HCP (e.g. password-based login is not accepted for the requested operation).
  • XCA: Either the security policy of the service provider or a privacy policy of the patient (that was given to the service provider) does not allow the requested operation to be performed by the HCP.
  • XCA: The requested encoding cannot be provided due to a transcoding error. (in this case the requestor should ask for another encoding)
  • XCA: The service provider is unable to evaluate the given argument values (e.g. if XCA query arguments cannot be mapped onto the code systems used by the service provider).
  • XDR: The service provider only accepts documents which are digitally signed by an HCP.