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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Previous work plans]]
[[Pharmacy Planning Committee]]
[[Pharmacy|IHE Pharmacy]]
[[Pharmacy|IHE Pharmacy]]
[[Pharmacy Technical Committee]]

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ID Task Type Editor Contributors
1 Medication Documentation Active work item Marc Marco, Stephen, Ellen
2 Use-case: Community – Hospital Active work item Orlando Leonidas, Sebastiao, Viktor
3 HMW Exceptional cases HMW Exceptional cases Marc Leonidas, Jacqueline, Simon
4 CMPD Exceptional cases NWIP Jürgen Viktor
5 Hospital medication supply chain logistics NWIP Marc Simon, Thierry, Vassil, Marco
6 Refinement CMPD workflows NWIP Jürgen
7 CMPD: XDW at CPM NWIP Jürgen
8 Glossary Marco, Jacqueline + HL7 Pharmacy group
9 Monitoring and Syncing with PCD: (Perfusion administration) Vassil, Marc, Jürgen
10 Marketing USA Jürgen, Charles Parisot, Ana, Marco, Scott, Vassil

See Also

Previous work plans

Pharmacy Planning Committee

IHE Pharmacy


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