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XD* Binding

It is expected that exchanges of Content Descrition will occur in an environment where the physician offices and hospitals have a coordinated infrastructure that serves the information sharing needs of this community of care. Several mechanisms are supported by IHE profiles:

  • A registry/repository-based infrastructure is defined by the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) and other IHE Integration Profiles such as patient identification (PIX & PDQ), and notification of availability of documents (NAV).
  • A media-based infrastructure is defined by the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Media Interchange (XDM) profile.
  • A reliable messaging-based infrastructure is defined by the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) profile.
  • All of these infrastructures support Security and privacy through the use of the Consistent Time (CT) and Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) profiles.

For more details on these profiles, see the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework, found here: http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Framework/.

Thus, implementors of the Content Consumer and Content Creator Actors must also implement either the ITI XDS, XDM or XDR Profiles to exchange content, using the bindings listed below.

XPHR Transactions and Content
Content Binding Actor Optionality
Content Name Binding Name Content Creator Creator Optionality
Content Consumer Consumer Optionality

This template is used to create the XD* Binding section of a PCC Content Profile. To use it, include:

  {{XD* Binding|Content Description|
    Bindings={{Binding|Content Name|Binding Name|Creator Optionality|Consumer Optionality}}
    {{Binding|Content Name|Binding Name|Creation Optionality|Consumer Optionality}}

In the profile.

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