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The Technical Committee of each Domain is responsible for preparing documents (Technical Framework Volumes, Supplements, Change Proposals, white papers, etc). Each document must have at least one designated author and two designated reviewers. Review and approval by the full technical committee is required before each publication stage.

Supplement documents are published initially in a draft for public comment. The minimum public comment period is 30 days. A general invitation for public comment is issued on the initial date of publication. All comments received are to be reviewed, addressed and dispositioned by the committee.

Once all public comments are addressed, supplement documents are published for Trial Implementation.

Documents will be scheduled for a needed for Publication date range by IHE Staff. Within that date range, documents are accepted on a First In/delivered First Out (FIFO) basis for editing and publishing by the IHE Publication Staff. If a Domain misses its assigned submission date, the document will go to the end of the publication queue. This could result in inadequate time for a Public Comment Period, missing the F2F comment review meeting, missing the Trial Implementation delivery date, and, subsequently will not be tested for a specific Connectathon.

The Secretariat for each Domain is responsible for publication of the documents on the IHE website.

Handling of the documents is coordinated on the IHE FTP Server in the DocumentPublication folder.

Details on proper usage of those FTP folders is provided in the ReadMe document. READ IT BEFORE DOING ANYTHING IN THOSE FOLDERS.

An inventory of published IHE documents can be found here.

Document File Naming

The file naming convention for IHE Technical Frameworks should be as follows:

IHE_[Domain Abbreviation]_TF_[Rev. # "x.x"]_[Vol. # "n"]_[ISO formatted date]
Example: IHE_ITI_TF_Rev7.0_Vol1_2010-08-10.pdf

The file naming convention for supplements should be as follows:

IHE_[Domain Abbreviation]_Suppl_[Title Abbreviation]_[Rev. # "x.x"]_[Publication Status PC/TI/FT]_[ISO formatted date]
Example: IHE_RAD_Suppl_BIR_Rev1.1_TI_2010-11-16.pdf

The file naming convention for white papers should be as follows:

IHE_[Domain Abbreviation]_White-Paper_[Title]_[Rev. # "x.x"]_[ISO formatted date]
Example: IHE_QRPH_White-Paper_Performance_Measure_Data_Element_Structured_for_EHR_Extraction_Rev1.0_2008-06-10.pdf

See Also

Writing Technical Frameworks and Supplements for details on structure, style and conventions when editing technical framework documents.


Domain Coordination Committee

It would be useful for this page to contain details about how to get Domain documents (that have reached trial implementation or final text) published to the IHE community in a timely fashion.

  • Who is responsible for submitting such documents to the secretariat (DONE)
  • How should they be submitted (DONE)
  • What review/consistency checking, if any, is the secretariat responsible for before publishing
  • Who at the secretariat is responsible for publishing them (DONE)
  • Where do they get published (DONE)
  • What announcements should be sent out to whom