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  • Rewrite to clarify how to communicate minimum frequency (i.e q4-6) as upper bound is not relevant

Supporting documentation from?:

2 The following components are necessary for a valid Range Order:

2.1 Completeness of Order: All components as outlined as outlined in the Medication Management Policy are required for a complete order.

2.2 Reasonable Dosage Range: The maximum dose should not be larger than four times the minimum dose. In addition, the maximum dose cannot exceed the maximum recommended dose for that medication.

2.3 A single Time Interval: Dosing interval ranges are not allowed. If an order includes an interval range, it will be transcribed with the most frequent interval allowed. For example, an order for every 3-4 hours as needed will be interpreted as every 3 hours as needed. The prescriber does not need to be contacted for this change.