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This text needs to be fixed-->>Need to address effectiveTime better, e.g., with respect to what must be present, and it's meaning as a clinically effective time, and the fact that it could be a range<<--

Fixed: 16:38, 2 October 2008 (CDT) Kboone

Changed typeCode to classCode

<observation typeCode='OBS' ...

should be

<observation classCode='OBS' ...

(typeCode isn't a valid attribute. classCode is required.)

Fixed: 16:38, 2 October 2008 (CDT) Kboone

Added closing tag

Minor issue: The line in the example:

<assignedAuthor typeCode='ASSIGNED'><id></assignedAuthor>

The id element is missing a closing tag.

This text needs to be fixed-->> Minor issue: Example twice has "<assignedAuthor typeCode='ASSIGNED'>" where it should be "classCode" instead of "typeCode". <<--

This text needs to be fixed-->>

Advance Directive Observation ( points to this Simple Observation as its parent. The Advance Directive Observation has one case where the observation/value is not allowed: "The value element is not permitted when the code element describes an Other directive."

This statement makes the following section of this document appear ambiguous:

<value xsi:type=' ' />

The value of the observation shall be recording using a data type appropriate to the observation. Content modules derived from the Simple Observation content module may restrict the allowable data types used for the observation.

If the intent was that Simple Observations must have value elements, then Advance Directive Observation is incorrect to point here. However, if that is not the intent, could the language of this section be changed? Is value always required? Is value/@xsi:type always required? If the observation has no value, is "nullFlavor" the appropriate data type? Or if the observation has no value, is eliminating the element the appropriate action to take?