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Revision as of 14:46, 3 December 2008 by McCaffrey (talk | contribs) (Issue: Schematron is looking for entries at the wrong level.)
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Known Issues:

wiki template needs:

  • represent binding to paper form (eg, if looking to represent "anesthesia consult planned?" which section). Previously this was in a separate table.

Lkm13 13:00, 26 May 2007 (CDT)

This text needs to be fixed-->>Needs a LOINC Code<<--

This text needs to be fixed-->> Schematron issue. The last three schematrons are in the following form:

<assert test="cda:entry/cda:observation/cda:value[@code='300916003']">
Antepartum Summary Requires an observation of Latex Allergy to be
asserted. This may be negated via the negationInd attribute.

The test is looking for the entry at the wrong location. It is looking for the entry at the ClinicalDocument level and not at the section level...