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; Domain : [[Patient Care Coordination]]
; Domain : [[Patient Care Coordination]]
; Change Proposal Number : {{PAGENAME}}
; Change Proposal Number : {{PAGENAME}}
; Status : Incoming
; Status : Rejected - see comments on Discussion page
; Last Updated : [[User:Mgpotter|Mgpotter]] 9:43, 13 Nov 2008 (PDT)
; Last Updated : [[User:Mgpotter|Mgpotter]] 9:43, 13 Nov 2008 (PDT)
; Assigned : unassigned
; Assigned : unassigned

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Change Proposal TF-PCC-CP-0034

Tracking Information

Patient Care Coordination
Change Proposal Number 
Rejected - see comments on Discussion page
Last Updated 
Mgpotter 9:43, 13 Nov 2008 (PDT)

Change Proposal Summary

Correction to Ranged Dose Frequency
Submission Date
Mgpotter 9:43, 13 Nov 2008 (PDT)
Profile Affected
TF Version
Volume and Section
Volume 2: Template, Medications


The template indicates an incorrect XML representation in the table Sample Frequency Specifications for the ranged dose frequency examples such as 'Every 4 to 6 hours'. When used as specified, the resulting CDA instance will not be valid because type PIVL_PPD_TS does not inherit from SXCM_TS which is the type for the effectiveTime element on a substanceAdministration.

If you try to construct an CDA document instance using this construct you may get a validation error such as:

cvc-elt.4.3: Type 'PIVL_PPD_TS' is not validly derived from the type definition, 'SXCM_TS', of element 'effectiveTime'. 

The XML Representation for this example should be changed from:

<effectiveTime xsi:type='PIVL_PPD_TS' institutionSpecified='false' operator='A'> 
  <period value='5' unit='h' /> 
  <standardDeviation value='1' unit='h'>


<effectiveTime xsi:type="PIVL_TS" institutionSpecified="false" operator="A">
  <period xsi:type="PPD_PQ" value="5" unit="h">
    <standardDeviation value="1" unit="h"/>

In addition the table below titled <effectiveTime> types used in Frequency Specifications contains a further explanation of the xsi:type PIVL_PPD_TS that should be changed as follows:

Remove the row for PIVL_PPD_TS since this type is not a valid subtype for effectiveTime. Instead add the following text to the Description under PIVL_TS.

In addition, a <period> element may specify an xsi:type of PPD_PQ to represent a probabilistic time interval.  
This can be used to represent dosing frequencies like q4-6h. This profile requires that the distributionType of this 
interval be left unspecified. The <period> element specifies the average of the time interval, and the value of the 
<standardDeviation> shall be computed as half the width of the interval. The unit attributes of the <period> and 
<standardDeviation> elements shall be the same.