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The Surgery Planning Committee manages the activity of the IHE Surgery Domain. It provides direction to and works in coordination with the Surgery Technical Committee.

Current Meetings

See the IHE Calendar for the full listing of T-Cons and meetings.

Meeting notifications and reminders are sent to the mailing list. (You can view past messages from this list and request to be added to it at .)

Proposed Agenda Topics will be scheduled for discussion at upcoming meetings.

Dates and Times are Central European Time (CET)

Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2018 TBA TBA Meeting Annual Meeting

Surgery Planning Committee Roster

The roster is maintained by the Secretariat for IHE Surgery. If you would like to suggest changes or corrections to this page, please contact fschweikert<at>

Participation in IHE domain committees is open to representatives of all IHE member organizations. Information about IHE's governance, including how to apply to become an IHE member organization is available on the IHE governance Web page. The current list of member organizations is available at

IHE Member Organization Representative Name Voting Rights 2015-06-27 2016-06-25 2017-06-24
Heidelberg University Björn Berg Y P
Leipzig University Thomas Neumuth Y P
Tokyo Women's Medical University Yoshihiro Muragaki Y P P

Co-chairs and Secretary

Leadership Name Institution Contact
Board Representative Heinz Lemke IFCARS hulemke<at>
Secretary Franziska Schweikert IFCARS fschweikert<at>

Committee Mailing List

The mailing list for this committee is currently offline. As soon as a new mailing list is available, this text will be updated.

Current Projects

Brief Profile Proposals

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