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[https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FbPLUzEMCBpfFMXj3wIjPU-JRA6QROZN SDC Primer]
[https://uatsdt.cap.org/SDCApp/Content/CAP%20SDC%20Technical%20Reference%20Guide_v0.41%20(Feb%202019).pdf SDC Technical Reference Guide]

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SDC Technical Reference Guide


SDC Schema Packages

Sample SDC XML Files

Reference Implementations

College of American Pathologist's Reference Implementation of SDC

SDC Reference Implementation Source Code


SDC XML Generator Source Code used for creating SDC Forms

Testing Methods

  1. Upload a form to the SDC Reference Implementation's Form Manager
  2. Request a Form from a Form Manager using the Form Filler
  3. Submit the Form from the Form Filler to a Form Receiver

See Also

The Quality, Research and Public Health Domain manages this profile.

The IHE QRPH Suppl SDC Rev2.1 TI 2016-10-05 is the official master document for this Profile.

The Structured Data Capture is an overview of the Profile.

This page is based on the Profile Implementation Template