Standards TF Call 08/22/16

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AHIMA Standards Task Force Call - 08/22/2016

Day and Time

  • Date: Monday, August 22, 2016
  • Time: 1-3pm ET

Web Conference Link and Dial-in Number


AHIMA Standards Task Force Agenda 0822/2016

Call Materials

AHIMA Checklist and Use Cases 08182016


Alane Combs, Beth Horn, Bill Reisbick, Cecilia Backman, Christine Watts, Darice Grzybowski, Deane Stillar, Elisa Gorton, Jennifer Manahan, Mick Talley, Neysa Noreen, Nicole Miller, Robert Giannini, Susan Lucci, Tabby McDaniel, Traci Waugh, Valerie Wilson.

Notes/Action Items

HIM Checklist and Use Cases 082216

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